South Burnett Regional Council’s biosecurity team provide a range of invasive species services for local landholders to manage invasive species.

Loan equipment

Weed management

  • Quickspray units on trailers
  • Splatter guns kits
  • Tree spears

Pest animal management

  • Feral cat traps
  • Fox traps
  • Feral pig cage traps
  • Hoghopper bait station
  • Indian myna traps
  • Rabbit traps
  • Wild dog foot hold traps
Other assistance programs
  • Administrative support for trapping syndicates
  • Bi-annual 1080 baiting program
  • Biosecurity property pest planning services
  • Calicivirus releases (for rabbit control)
  • Coordinated treatment programs for strategic high-risk outbreaks
  • Herbicide assistance program
  • Pre-purchase property pest management report.
  • Property weed inspections and management advice
  • Wild dog scalp bounty

For further information on how can hire equipment, or be apart of any invasive species working groups, please contact South Burnett Regional Council’s biosecurity officers on (07) 4189 9100.

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