The Wide Bay Burnett region has many thriving industries, including tourism, agriculture, forestry, fishery, mining, and manufacturing. There is also still a lot of untapped potential.  However, economic indicators of unemployment, participation and an ageing population show that the Wide Bay Burnett region also faces many challenges.  

The social trends of skill and youth migration away from regional areas to larger metropolitan locations are common.  Below average household income levels also prevail in the region.  There are also some geographic challenges in a region that has many small centres and communities, and this can be difficult for infrastructure planning and resource allocation.  

Identifying the challenges, strengths and competitive advantages of the region is essential to form a strategy for future growth.  WBBROC believes it is essential that it shows regional leadership to address these challenges.

The Regional Economic Development Strategy, developed by WBBROC, will assist the six Councils, other levels of Government, key regional stakeholders and the business community with decision-making relating to economic development initiatives. 

Together we will show leadership through implementation, in partnership with all stakeholders, to deliver sustainable economic opportunities and, undoubtedly, “the perfect place at your perfect pace”.



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