Regional Water Position Paper - 2019


Over the past 2 years, WBBROC, in consultation with workshop participants, has developed a Regional Water Position Paper. The purpose of this document is to provide a foundation for water advocacy by local government and align strategic water planning, management and use across the Wide Bay Burnett region.  WBBROC would like to take the opportunity to thank workshop participants for their involvement and feedback which has proved invaluable in formulating this strategy.

Regional Water Position Paper - Executive Summary - 2019


First and Last Mile Project


WBBROC has been successful in having the Wide Bay Burnett region nominated the next First and Last Mile project.  This will involve a study by an independent consultant

Many freight journeys start and finish on local roads.  When heavy vehicles cannot travel the whole journey, and freight has to be moved to smaller trucks, this can substantially increase costs.

The underlying objective of the First and Last Mile project is to create complete freight routes that extend from the point of origin to the destination, and which are able to be used by the same, largest sized vehicle for the entire journey.


Water for Economic Development

 WBBROC is very aware that reliable and secure water availability is vital for the growth of food production in the Wide Bay Burnett region.  Water security is also important for industrial use, e.g. food processing.  

The agribusiness sector is a significant contributor to the Gross Regional Product (GRP) across the region with a great potential for growth.  WBBROC, in collaboration with the State Government and other stakeholders, is looking at ways to assist this important business sector in the region expand, while also ensure water security for urban communities.


Port of Bundaberg

 WBBROC has been successful in advocating to the State Government to advance access to and increased use of the Port of Bundaberg.  This includes:

  • Gaining State Government funding for a gas pipeline to the Port, to support new industries.
  • Declaration of the Port as a State Development Area, helping to expedite development.  

A report has now been released that calls on the Federal and State Governments to fund a number of strategic infrastructure investments that will deliver economic prosperity to the Wide Bay Burnett region.  The Wide Bay Burnett is well positioned to capitalise on a number of global megatrends, trends that if leveraged through greater infrastructure investment will release inter-generational economic benefits for the region. This report clearly details how to unlock this potential.

Building the Future Trade Potential of the Wide Bay Burnett.pdf


Independent Broadband Testing in the Region

Dependable, fast broadband, and mobile telephone coverage is essential for the economic development of the Wide Bay Burnett region.  Mobile telephone coverage is also crucial during natural disasters and accidents.  These are just some of the reasons that WBBROC has been strongly advocating for improved telecommunications services throughout the Wide Bay Burnett region.

In 2014, WBBROC commissioned independent testing of broadband access across the Wide Bay Burnett region.   The independent telecommunications consultant travelled over 2,000 kilometres of roads throughout the region.

The following report highlights the results:

WBBROC has been using this independent evidence to lobby both the Government and the telecommunications carriers.  In doing this, we hope that the key priority blackspot areas will, in time, be eliminated.  Following the recent announcement of further funding for blackspots from the Commonwealth, WBBROC has again used our consultant to update our report to determine how best we can access the next round of funding for our region.  WBBROC wants to build on the initial success it has had in obtaining strong support and funding for new and upgraded telecommunications towers.