Permanent Electric Fencing solutions for pest animal control

Electric fencing is a highly reliable and cost-effective way to control animal movement and manage pasture. It is becoming an increasingly popular solution for excluding pest animals from impacting rural and semi-rural properties. 

Electric fencing is more effective at containing domestic animals and excluding wildlife than traditional fencing as the short, safe and memorable shock produced creates a psychological barrier, in addition to the physical barrier of the fence. 

Every electric fence system is made up of a power system and a fence system.  There are three main types of fencing for the exclusion of wild and pest animals recommended by Gallagher: a purpose-built Gallagher Westonfence; plain wire fencing using steel posts and insulators; or fitting ‘offset’ electrified wires to an existing prefabricated or plain wire fence.

Some important factors to consider when designing your electric fence include:

  • What is your location? 
  • What power source is available to you? Do you have a reliable electricity source, or will you rely on battery or solar power?
  • What distance of fencing are you looking to power?
  • What do you want to achieve with your fencing?
  • What animals are you trying to keep in or out?

For pest animal control, a Gallagher Westonfence, powered by an i Series Energizer, delivers a complete and permanent exclusion solution that outperforms legacy fencing on every measure. This is the only electric fencing solution that is economical to erect, monitor and maintain and can tell you if there is a problem, taking only seconds to check rather than hours.

Electric fencing will now save you more time than ever before on fence maintenance, with the introduction of Gallagher Dashboard Fence, the phone app that allows your fence to talk to you, providing peace of mind that the integrity of your fence is being maintained.

Hear from Gallagher customer Doug Cameron, about his success in controlling native and pest animals on his property here:

Time spent on maintenance of an electric fence is significantly reduced, as the integrity of the fence is protected by the psychological barrier created by the power in the fence. 

Other advantages of a Gallagher Permanent Electric Fence include lower construction costs, due to less materials required than for conventional fencing. You will also spend less time spent repairing fences and have peace of mind that your animals are protected from predators.

For more information on Gallagher Permanent Exclusion Fencing options, speak to the team on 1800 425 524.

Gallagher Westonfence 8-Line Exclusion Fence powered by a M5800i Energizer, designed to exclude pest animals from property.

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