Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee

The WBB Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee was formally established in 2013. This Committee is exploring ways of reducing waste and recycling materials more effectively in a regional context, as well as exploring ways of sharing education resources. The Committee has developed a Regional Waste Strategy which has been endorsed by each of the WBBROC member Councils.  The Strategy is available below:

2015-16 WBBROC_Regional_Waste_Strategy_Final.doc

The Committee will also look at ways in which WBBROC Councils can work together more efficiently to reduce the costs of waste and recycling, and a regional waste strategy will help facilitate this.

The Committee recently concluded a tender process for testing the quality of water at landfill sites.  This regional approach helped all Councils to reduce their costs for this important regulatory requirement.

Waste and Recycling Education Officers

A sub-group of the Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee also meets several times a year.  This group of officers are involved in the promotion of recycling and the education of schools and the community generally on matters of waste collection and recycling.  The group is very collaborative and shares information and resources to ensure the region gets the best outcomes.  There is also collaboration on the development of advertisements and community announcements.