Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee

The WBBROC Sport and Recreations Advisory Committee and the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing have developed the Regional Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Strategy. This strategy will help both the State Government and Councils to effectively plan for the recreation and sport needs of the region.

2018112 Wide Bay Burnett Sport and Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Strategy - FINAL.pdf

The Sport and Recreation Committee maintains a regional focus and has worked to implement the recommendations from the strategy. This strategy is now dated and with the support of State Government funding, a new Regional Sport Infrastructure Plan is being developed to help guide development and funding into the medium-term future.


A regional water trail

The Committee has developed a Regional Water Trail brochure (fishing, water events, etc), as the Wide Bay Burnett region is very well endowed with a wide range of water assets such as dams, rivers, estuaries and beaches, as well as Fraser Island.  In addition, the region is situated within an easy day’s drive to the South East corner of the State and its large population.

The brochure and map are available from tourist information offices across the Wide Bay Burnett Region.  An electronic copy can be downloaded from the regional website, which also has an interactive map of the region's key water features: