Regional Roads and Transport Group

The WBB Regional Roads and Transport Group (RRTG) is a body that is separate to WBBROC and includes Transport and Main Roads Department as a member. This group has been operating since 2006. At the regional level, WBBROC provides the secretariat services to the RRTG. The Wide Bay Burnett RRTG also has representatives from the same Councils that are members of WBBROC.

The RRTG is responsible for planning, prioritising and managing investment on roads and transport infrastructure within the region. It receives TIDS funding from the Department of Transport and Main Roads to do this work, and it is the role of the RRTG to prioritise the spending of these funds.

The RRTG is also able to influence investment decisions on other road and transport networks and has a co-ordinating role in managing assets, joint purchasing, resource-sharing and improving the skills of the local workforce on behalf of WBBROC and Transport and Main Roads.






Heavy Vehicle Demonstration Day

A special Heavy Vehicle Demonstration Day was held some time ago, in Bundaberg.  The demonstrations by a variety of heavy vehicles demonstrated the diversity, capabilities and safety of these modern heavy vehicles.  The day was organised by the NHVR, Bundaberg Regional Council and the Wide Bay Burnett RRTG.  Presentations were made on the day and are available below:

NHVR Demo Day Presentation V4 - Aug 16.pdf

201608 Heavy Vehicle Demonstration day presentation.pdf