Deputations to Government

WBBROC has developed many reports on the needs of the region.  It also sends submissions and letters to Members of Parliament when it is seeking State and Federal Government support and funding for the region on specific priorities.

Decoupling of trucks

The decoupling of B-Doubles and heavy trucks is an issue in the region, particularly in the larger towns.  WBBROC has written to the Minister for Main Roads to raise the matter with him, and also discussed it with him at a meeting in November 2015.

20150619 Mark Bailey re decoupling of heavy vehicles.doc

Simplifying the heavy vehicle permit system

WBBROC has written to both Bill Shorten and Barnaby Joyce in the lead up to the 2 July Federal Election, asking them to commit to simplifying the permit system for heavy vehicles carrying agricultural freight.  A simply system is needed to help agriculture and the economy flourish in the region.

20160527 Bill Shorten re simple system for heavy vehicles.pdf

20160527 Barnaby Joyce re simple system for heavy vehicles.pdf