Urban Water Technical Committee

This committee, formerly known as the QWRAP Water and Waste Water Committee (and still receives State Government QWRAP funding), is helping WBBROC to take a proactive approach to water management.  As of May 2016, Steve Brown has been employed as WBBROC's Regional Water Coordinator (with the help of QWRAP funding).  The Regional Water Coordinator is assisting the Committee in its work for WBBROC.

The Committee and the Coordinator are advising WBBROC on business solutions that are appropriate for this region.

This approach is being used by WBBROC to make sure that we Councils don’t have inappropriate solutions developed by central Government in Canberra or Brisbane.

The aim is to identify appropriate solutions to help all stakeholders (Local, State and Federal Government, and the community) to better manage the risks and issues around urban water provision.

The Regional Water Coordinator has helped WBBROC to establish a regional Water Alliance.  The WBBROC Water Alliance and Coordinator are helping Councils reduce costs by combining their procurement, as well as helping Councils to ensure that their projects receive peer review or expert scrutiny.  This will ensure the best value for money for each Council.